Hello and welcome to our on-demand yoga video page. It is now the remnant of our little Island yoga paradise. Feel free to watch these videos as often as you like at no charge. May you remember our devoted and talented teaching staff with fondness. We were so proud of everyone and everything about Island Yoga Center.


All Levels Yoga with Elizabeth Freeman
Warm-up for Trikonasana and for Parsvakonasana and then practice putting the two together. Balance in Vrksasana and twist at the end!
All-Level Hatha Flow with Kathryn Payne #2
Vashistasana Variations & Bound Parshva-konasana
Embark on a pivotal flow into vashistasana variations. Followed by a sequence of standing poses that culminates in the bound version of parshvakonasana. For students who flow easily from pose to pose and like the challenge of building awareness in held poses.
Restorative Yoga with Deborah King
A 60 minute restorative practice for safety and spaciousness using props to create the physiological experience of being held and supported while gradually releasing tension from the shoulders, back, and hips, opening to a sense of inner space, peace and calm.
Level 1 Yoga with Mik Kuhlman
Learn basic poses, gain strength and flexibility. For beginners and those who like to move at a slower pace.
All-Level Hatha Flow with Kathryn Payne
For students who flow easily from pose to pose and like the challenge of building awareness in held poses. Sequences of poses are interspersed with technique and subtle core work. 65 minutes, one year experience recommended.
Gentle Yoga with Elizabeth Freeman
Basic poses, slower paced, with a focus on slowly building strength and flexibility. An excellent place to begin if you are postpartum, creaky or want all the benefits of yoga in a slower-paced environment.
Yin Yoga with David
In this unique meditative style of yoga, postures are gently held for longer than usual allowing muscles to relax and stimulate connective tissues. As energy meridians flow through these connective tissues, Yin Yoga is deeply healing and restorative in a meditative way. All levels welcome.
Vinyasa Flow with Nicole Grey
Be ready to move with challenging flow of poses combined with breath awareness.