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Visit our Schedule page and click on the class to see our drop-in descriptions. Consider each level – yoga is best experienced when you are neither under nor overwhelmed. You may email us for suggestions!

Therapeutic Yoga at Island Yoga Center
We have classes and teachers that specialize in providing yoga and its healing qualities to specific populations or a community of yoga practitioners with a common goal. Please take a look and consider which community may serve you best, and do not hesitate to email us with your questions or more information.

Gentle Restorative Yoga
This yoga class is perfect for those seeking a gentle, restorative practice that uses breath, alignment-technique and restoratives to revitalize the body. Students experiencing fatigue, injury, stress/anxiety or any situation that requires a supportive, inspiring and an absolutely non-intimidating atmosphere are welcome. For all ages and abilities

Yoga For Movement Challenges
Parkinson’s, M.S., Arthritis & others
This class is for those experiencing movement challenges and limitations. Yoga poses are taught using the wall, props and floor at a pace that is suited for those with Parkinson’s, M.S., arthritis, balance issues or any challenge that requires a chair-based yoga class. We move slowly, with great care and patience – but with a lot of laughs and fun too! Requirements – our studio is up a flight of stairs and we do go down to the floor and up again one time per class, with assistance is just fine!

Yoga for Whole Body Wellness (Class on hold)
Posture, Strength & Flexibility
Are you looking for a yoga class that teaches you how to care for your back, hips, shoulders and overall postural health? For all ages and abilities, this class focuses on yoga as it applies to every day tasks and pain-free living. Using core awareness, stretching and therapeutic techniques, Irene personalizes each class using her 12 years as a yoga teacher and 9 years as a massage therapist. All levels.

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