Welcome to Island Yoga Center

Yoga is both a practice and state of being. As a practice it promises a strong body and a healthy spirit. As a state of being, yoga is vidya – awareness. People who practice yoga discover quickly the benefits of stress reduction, flexibility, strength and an increased sense of well-being in their lives.

Welcome to Fall 2017!

Yoga Sutras with Elizabeth and Extended Practice with Irene are back! Visit here to view the new monthly dates for these classes. Our Therapeutic Yoga Program has evolved – we now have three options to target specific needs for those looking to yoga for specialized care:
– Yoga For Whole Body Wellness with Irene (Thu 6:30 pm) – great for those looking to rehabilitate joints, strengthen, improve posture
Gentle Restorative with Deborah (Mon 4:30 pm) – for those looking to reduce anxiety, stress and heal the body in a restful manner
Yoga For Movement Challenges, Parkinson, M.S., Arthritis (Tu & Fri at 11:15 am) – use of chairs, walls and slow thoughtful movement can make yoga available to everyone (who can climb our stairs!)

Island Yoga Center offers a full-range of classes for the beginning to the intermediate student of yoga.  Be sure to visit the series and workshop pages in addition to the daily schedule to make sure you see our complete offerings.
IYC class

Our studio is centrally located in the heart of Vashon above Northwest Sports in the Thriftway Shopping Center. It is fully-equipped with a hardwood floor and has a light-filled, supportive atmosphere. Please join other students and our dedicated and caring teachers in the practice of yoga.

 In the spirit of satsangah community —
we hope to see you soon.

IYC is friendly, down to earth and we want you to have the finest experience possible while taking classes here.  Please e-mail us if you have any questions about our program. Students new to yoga are encouraged to contact us before attending so that we may personally guide you to an appropriate class.

Thanks for visiting our website and hope to see you “on the mat.”